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What is the Bobby Sox Scholarship Program?
  • The Bobby Sox Softball Program has established a Scholarship Fund solely for the benefit of 8th Grade girls and graduating High School seniors who have participated season after season and made Bobby Sox a part of their lives.

Who is eligible for the Scholarship Award?
  • All 8th Grade girls who have participated in the Bobby Sox program for at least (4) seasons and graduating High School seniors who have participated in the program for at least (5) seasons.

How many scholarships are given each year?
  • Approximately 45 scholarships are presented to the girls of Bobby Sox each year.  The exact number and award is determined during the current Spring Season.  In 2001, there were 44 recipients with the total awards in excess of $17,000.  Scholarship awards ranged from $100 to $2500.  Qualifying 8th Graders receive a $100 Savings Bond.

How are recipients chosen?
  • Applications are reviewed and the preliminary criteria is verified.  A total of 100 points may be awarded by the Scholarship Committee.  A total of 20 points is awarded for the properly completed application, applicants photo, Bobby Sox recommendations, community leaders recommendations, and school recommendations.  A total of 20 points for academic excellence and a total of 60 points for the scholarship essay as determined by the panel of three Scholarship Committee Members. This criteria includes; application being received by the deadline date, verification of Bobby Sox participation and a grade point average of at least 2.0.  Applications include the applicants extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, educational achievements, and the essay written by each girl.

What is expected in the future?
  • In future years, the Bobby Sox Softball Scholarship Fund will continue to grow.  Girls who are active in the program today and who invest their dollar per season will certainly benefit from a larger scholarship fund in the near future.  Each League Board of Directors will make a concerted effort to keep their League informed of the Scholarship Program and it ’s benefit to the girls and their families, thereby increasing participation and the awards presented to the girls of Bobby Sox for their future.

2010 Scholarship Applications will be available for download soon!